Level-headed Methods In Clothes Suggestions

Want to put forward your fashionable best? If you belonged to the '80s, jackets were of varied colons and fashion. As a result, the ladies had to forgo wearing silk stockings, and make do with bobby socks, stitching seams in the skirts or by just shaving off hair from their legs. Floral patterns are a big trend from fifties fashion that will give you a huge thumbs up on any style meter. And this style lasted till the early 1970s. The popularity of this pattern of full skirts could also be credited to the advent of swing dancing. They dressed in tight black knickers with several chains attached, sleeveless shirts or no shirts, dirty torn jeans, studded blazers, metal jewelry, dark make-up and colourful hairdos.

Hats - Hats and caps to look amazing, when worn with style. Evening wear was characterized by the white bow tie. Sweat it out in the gym so that you can strut it in style. If I had to sing my version of Julie Andrews' These are a few of my favourite things, vying for the top spots would be Pink Floyd, Bob Marley, the Beats, Annie Hall, Jack Kerouac's On the Road, the peace symbol, colons, cheap travel, and lava lamps. Open and closed 'branded' footwear. They could be worn under a blazer, with a jumper, or even a shirt. Vibrant, extravagant, colourful, and stylish, fashion in the 1970s was about all these and more.